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When it comes to electronic cigarettes, local customers want the best. Those looking for the finest e-cig products in Western New York should make their way to Buffalo Vapor for the latest equipment in the vapor industry. Whatever it is you prefer, our retailers are sure to feature the perfect product at a competitive rate.

Buffalo Vapor strives to bring you high-quality products within a relaxed and comfortable setting. Your vapor specialist will review usage instructions and maintenance techniques to ensure you get the most out of your electronic cigarette. On top of that, we will get a sense of your preferences to make sure you choose the perfect product to suit your personal needs.

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Rechargeable electronic cigarettes require a battery that users can trust. It’s easy to recharge your electronic cigarette with a battery; just make sure the battery is charged and screw it into the liquid nicotine cartridge. It’s the easiest way to use an electronic cigarette. A charged battery powers the equipment that turns liquid nicotine into vapor.


Starter kits are the best way for a new e-cig smoker to learn how to use all the components of an electronic cigarette. Starter kits come with a battery, charger, atomizer, some cartridges, and a fitter. Everything you need to vape can be found in these kits.


Each electronic cigarette includes a container system, such as a tank or atomizer, to hold in the e-liquid, eventually turning it into vapor. This is the central component of each electronic cigarette. Specific varieties of atomizers include clearomizers. Clearomizers are clear tanks that store the vaporized e-liquid. Cartomizers are small heating elements that store e-liquid in a poly-foam material. Tanks are available at Buffalo Vapor from iClear and Kanger, including atomizers, clearomizers, and protanks. Tanks include clearomizers and atomizers.


Have you decided to quit smoking? Maybe you’re a full-blown cloud chaser. Either way, our knowledgeable modders can assist you in your vaping discovery. Whether you are just learning to wrap coils, or you want to come in and discuss the benefits of parallels, our experienced staff is available every day.


There are a number of different accessories available at Buffalo Vapor to optimize your electronic cigarette experience. Our in-stock accessories include drip tips, batteries, adapters, coil wicks, chargers, atomizers, and lanyards (ropes or cords that can hold your vaporizer around your neck).
Buffalo Vapor always carries the most up-to-date products. Our inventory is always changing and being improved. If there is a product that you don’t see listed, please call your preferred BV store for details.

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