E-Cig Tanks

Each electronic cigarette includes a container system, such as a tank or atomizer, to hold in the e-liquid, eventually turning it into vapor. This is the central component of each electronic cigarette. Specific varieties of atomizers include clearomizers and cartomizer. Clearomizers are clear tanks that store the vaporized e-liquid. Cartomizers are small heating elements that store e-liquid in a poly-foam material.

Tanks are available at Buffalo Vapor Lounge from iClear and Kanger, including rebuildable atomizers, clearomizers and protanks.

Tanks include Clearomizers, Cartomizers and Atomizers.
iClear 16 dual Clearo w/rebuildable Atomizer
iClear 16b dual bottom coil Clearomizer
iClear 16d dual coil Clearomizer clear tip
iClear 30s Clearomizer with Rotatable Mouth Piece
iClear 30s rotatable drip tip dual coil Clearomizer
iClear 30b rotatable drip tip dual coil Cleoromizer
iClear30s non rotatable drip tip dual coil Clearomizer
Kanger Evod Bottom Coil Clearomizer
Kanger Protank 1 & 2
Kanger Mini Protank
Innokin iClear X.I
Innokin Gladius
 Nautilus Mini 
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